Corporate Profile

Our History

In 1969 Stan Baldwin started State Industries, a polyurethane parts manufacturer. Stan quickly saw the growing market for the durable cast polyurethane elastomer products in various industrial applications. As the company began to grow, so did its list of services. In 1992, a joint venture was established with Rollerblade to manufacture in-line skate wheels for international markets. Virtually overnight State Industries became a major manufacturer of wheels in North America. At the same time the industrial division of State Industries grew rapidly, and new techniques and methods were developed to produce more complex parts for various applications.

A New Beginning

StateCraft, a rebranded subsidiary of State Industries, was created in response to a niche market demand for custom architectural fabrication previously considered cost prohibitive. We have been able to bring these costs into alignment through our experience in industrial markets, where tight tolerance and knowledge of materials is critical.

Our Experience

Our team finds strength from the diversity of our experience, education, and personalities. StateCraft has worked on projects of varying scales and with a variety of budgets; we have had the pleasure of being involved in projects with artists, designers, architects, general contractors and construction firms.

Our People

From artist to machinist, psychology to engineering - our team consists of people with a variety of educations and experience that allow us to be versatile in how we handle your project. We are a group of hardworking professionals who are dedicated to producing the highest quality products with integrity. Internally we have intentionally developed a culture that fosters cohesion to inspire creativity, dedication, and positive relationships. We shy away from top-down decisions and focus on a flat company structure as we believe good ideas come from every employee and we will all benefit from this.

Collaborating with StateCraft

From the first meeting we have with you, collaboration is on our minds as we bring your designs to life. We understand that not all projects are the same and consultation is a natural part of the process. We take “active listening” seriously and want to know everything we can about your project; that way our suggestions are focused and cognizant of budgets and time considerations. We extend that collaboration internally to include our committed network of vendors. Our relationship with you is vital to our mission as we craft your vision.