Anodized Eagle Signage

Project: Southeast Collegiate – Eagle & Sign 
Client & Architect: Cibinel Architecture 
Our Contribution: waterjet, anodize, install 

Southeast Collegiate is the first of its kind in Canada, hosting Indigenous Students on their campus from the surrounding communities and offering an education while they stay for the school year.  

Approached by Cibinel Architecture regarding a conceptual design about a year in advance for signage on the side of the building, we began collaborating. Using the Castro pieces in Havana as inspiration, we worked with our client to determine the appropriate sizing with the eagle, letters, and length of the standoffs. After a few revisions we found something that both fit the budget and desired design, we waterjet cut and then had the aluminum anodized. A subcontractor whom we have done considerable work with was able to have everything installed in a couple of days with no issues.