Bronze/Concrete inlay

Project: Bronze/Concrete Inlay – Humber College Indigenous Cultural Markers 
Client: Wood Anchor 
Architect: Brook McIlroy 
Our Contribution: waterjet etching & cutting 

At Humber College, a visual life story unfolds about the migration of the Anishinaabe people. A part of this tells of a migration in which they followed the St.Lawrence River and through the Great Lakes.  

Working closely with Wood Anchor, who imparted the vision of the architects, we utilized our waterjets to cut and etch bronze material. Many shapes were created to assist in telling the story. There were animals, landmasses, and several circles that were cut and then had anchors added to the back so they could be embedded into the concrete. There was a tight deadline, so we worked diligently to assist in bringing the design to life.