Crossings Apartments at The Refinery District

Crossings at The Refinery District

Located at 425 Ballantrae Dr. in Winnipeg, the former sugar beet lands continues its transformation with the Crossings development. The development consists of three 4 or 5 story buildings with main level amenities and a central market in one of Ironclad Properties Inc. newest luxury apartment complex.

StateCraft Architectural Fabricators supplied and installed 1,200 lineal feet of decorative ventilation covers on the building exterior. The covers, composed of perforated aluminum panels were cut, formed, powder coated red, and installed on custom designed brackets to give the building a striking character.

Discover the transformative power of StateCraft's decorative ventilation covers for your apartment building exterior. Experience enhanced aesthetics, improved air quality, and customizable options that create a comfortable and visually pleasing living environment.

Category: Walls and Ceilings

Owner: IronClad Properties Inc.

Architect: Rob Garvey Architecture 77 Inc.

General Contractor: IronCLad Properties Inc.

Sub Categories: decorative ventilation covers, apartment building exterior, exterior panels, enhanced interior design, improved airflow, conceal unsightly vents, customization options, easy installation and maintenance, potential energy savings.