The Eighth and Final Fire" Metal Public Art Sculpture

"The Eighth and Final Fire" Indigenous Metal Public Art Sculpture by Jaimie Isaac

Project Description: The Eighth and Final Fire prophecy of the Anishinaabe, written on birchbark scrolls and preserved in oral histories, foretells the coming of settlers to Turtle Island. This prophecy predicted the complex relationships between Indigenous Peoples and the land. The future is evolutionary and rising.

Each flame represents the eight fires and timelines in the prophecy. The flames shed light on those nearby both day and night, with soft amber and red hues reminiscent of a calming, contemplative fire. Though fire can be destructive, it also has regenerative powers in natural ecosystems. Grounded in the earth, each chevron implies movement and evokes elemental forces of wind, water, and fire.

Through geometric triangular symmetry and repetition, artist Jaimie Isaac expresses the vision of the prophecy, representing each of the eight fires, elemental power, generations, time, and relationships.

Isaac made and discarded many designs for the piece over the past three years before completing the final design, which was made by StateCraft Architectural Fabricators in Winnipeg. The Eighth and Final Fire, a new public art installation by Jaimie Isaac, recognizes the complexity of Indigenous and settler communities on Turtle Island.

Project Details:

Artist:  Jaimie Isaac
Material: Corten and mild steel
Location: Near Oodena Circle, The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Commissioned by: The Winnipeg Foundation for The Forks
Design Completion, Fabrication, Installation: StateCraft Architectural Fabricators

This addition underscores yet another remarkable project completed by StateCraft Architectural Fabricators, showcasing our proficiency in fabricating and installing public art pieces that are deeply rooted in cultural significance and artistic expression.

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