The Forks Loop Signage Project

Project: The Forks Loop Signage Project
Landscape Architect: Scatliff Miller Murray

Category: Experiential Signage Memorial Markers
Photographer: Lindsay Reid

The Forks Loop project, a StateCraft collaboration with our colleagues at Scatliff Miller Murray, provides one of many demonstrations of the diversity of fabrications our team is able to execute. Utilizing the design and concept brought to us by our colleagues, we fabricated kiosks, storyboards, and location markers, introducing key signage along the scenic river loop at the Forks in Winnipeg, Canada. 
Using our expertise in architectural fabrication, we combined aged local timber, stainless Corten steel, and anodized aluminum to produce the elegant storyboards aimed at reminding Forks visitors of the locale's rich trade history. Each sign and marker includes a mix of etched text, maps, and images which we produced using a mix of our shop's waterjet cutting, laser etching, CNC, and additional advanced machinery.