"The Frontier" Bonavista Trellises & Canopies

"The Frontier" Bonavista Trellises & Canopies

Located at 550 De La Seigneurie Blvd., The Frontier is in one of Winnipeg’s newest residential developments. Comprised of 3 buildings, up to 5 stories in height, with an on-site coffee shop and underground parking, brings a luxury flavor to Winnipeg’s Bona Vista neighborhood.  

StateCraft Architectural Fabricators supplied and installed 38 top floor balcony trellises and 3 ground floor entryway canopies. All of the trellises were cut, formed, and assembled from sheet aluminum and powder coated with custom colors. Support posts were fabricated with steel HSS, galvanized and powder coated.  

Elevate the outdoor spaces of your residential development, providing a harmonious blend of beauty, functionality, and comfort. Our meticulously crafted designs create a striking visual impact that perfectly complements your architectural vision.

Category: Balcony, Canopy, and Railing 

Owner: IronClad Properties Inc. 

Architect: Rob Garvey Architecture 77 Inc. 

Contractor: IronCLad Properties Inc.