Hardscaping: Street Paving Stone Signage

Project: Exchange District Paving Stone Street Signage
Client: Barkman Concrete
Our Contribution: waterjet etch, polyurethane inlay

The etched and polyurethane filled paving stones can be found in a revitalized downtown district of Winnipeg. Working with a conceptual design along with a bit of Research & Development, these pavers were the outcome of some clever planning. Barkman laid down a significant number of pavers but required some street signage that was a bit out of the ordinary. 

Our solution was to waterjet rough pockets in the shape of the letters required and then pour polyurethane into them. Despite the vehicle traffic and natural elements these pavers must endure, the polyurethane embeds itself into the concrete pavers and bonds together so that it will never come out of the paver. This unique design paves the way for opportunities for new developments in in-floor signage.