The Merchant Kitchen Restaurant Panels

Project: The Merchant Kitchen & Bar
Client: Stantec
Architect: Jean-Piere Vos
Our Contribution: waterjet steel screens/panels
Photography: Lindsay Reid

The Merchant Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant that focuses on an open concept in both their atmosphere and menu. In the heart of Winnipeg, close to culture and entertainment, the Merchant Kitchen serves dishes that are designed around the street food of Latin and Asian cultures which is meant to be shared with friends and family.

The pieces we made reflect the inspiration the clients were hoping to achieve. The steel design on the bar and of the screen adds to the overall ambiance. We utilized our CNC waterjets to cut the mild steel panels to fabricate the designs. All edges received de-burring to remove any potential hazards and none of the material received a clear coat to retain the raw appearance of the steel.