Metal Indigenous Art Sculpture by KC Adams

Project: Metal Indigenous Art Sculpture “What can we do to Respect each other”

Client Artist: KC Adams

The sculpture entitled “Tanisi keke totamak… Ka cis teneme toyak” translating to “What can we do to Respect each other” was completed by StateCraft in collaboration with KC Adams. The public display stands in The Forks of Winnipeg, Canada. 

This work of art is composed of sheet metal cut and shaped as fire to encircle a wire sculpture of two creatures. KC Adams elaborates on the story of the artwork:  

“The sculpture tells the story of the brotherhood between the benevolent spirit Wesakechak and the wolf. Wesakechak represents the indigenous people, and the wolf represents the settlers. The artwork asks ‘What can we do to respect each other? Will the fire be healing or disastrous?’”.  

This special project of indigenous artwork allows StateCraft to impact a community by taking the artist vision and making it a reality that can inspire others to share with stories.