Public Art Glass Sculpture - Rapid Transit

Project: Public Art Glass Sculpture - Rapid Transit 

Client: Glass Artist Warren Carther For City Of Winnipeg Public Transit

For completion of the Rapid Transit public art installation in Winnipeg, Canada, the StateCraft team collaborated closely with acclaimed glass artist Warren Carther. We at StateCraft seized the challenge to develop a unique fabrication method in order to make our client's conceptual creation a reality.

We focused our technical expertise to incorporate multiple mediums and execute the designer's vision. Through the incorporation of Corten, stainless steel, glass, and aluminum, we represented the bridging of the city's industrial history with present modernity in these spectacular pieces of art. 

In this project, our team worked with other groups such as structural engineers, CNC fabricators and welders to ensure structurally sound and functional fabrications that seamlessly integrate our client's designs.

StateCraft special projects use artistic collaboration to integrate a city’s industrial past into the modern-day commute.

Photography: CLICK.STUDIO by Lindsay Reid