Tiny Home Village "Astum Api Niikinaahk"

Astum Api Niikinaahk, which means "come sit at our home" in Michif, a language spoken by many Métis, is a remarkable tiny-home village in Winnipeg. This community consists of 22 bachelor-style units specifically designed to provide housing for formerly homeless individuals from the indigenous community. The village serves as a testament to the power of providing shelter and support for those in need.

Signs: Eye-Catching and Informative

StateCraft Architectural Fabricators proudly supplied and installed vibrant animal form signs that uniquely identify each unit within the village. To achieve this, we utilized precision waterjet cutting technology to create animal-shaped cutouts on aluminum signs. Each sign was then painted in a color corresponding to the individual unit. The signs are mounted proudly on the exterior walls, creating an impressive 3D effect that enhances both aesthetics and wayfinding within the village.

Fencing Perforated Imaged Panels The Village: Artistry and Security Combined

StateCraft Architectural Fabricators also contributed to the village's security fencing by supplying and installing a combination of pre-perforated and waterjet-cut anodized black aluminum panels. These panels were used to complete the fencing around the site. Notably, an 80ft long section of the fence showcases a breathtaking mural depicting a prairie scene with bison and the captivating northern lights. This artistic effect was achieved by applying a perforated imaging process to a supplied image, converting it into a suitable file format for our waterjet cutting equipment. The result is thousands of precisely cut holes of various sizes and spacing that allow the mesmerizing image to be visible to all passers-by.

Collaborating with Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Cibinel Architecture Ltd., and Bockstael Construction Ltd., StateCraft Architectural Fabricators successfully contributed to the creation of a welcoming and secure environment at the Astum Api Niikinaahk Tiny Home Village.

Category: Signs, Walls and Ceilings, Outdoor perforated fence panels

Owner: Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

Architect: Cibinel Architecture Ltd.

General Contractor: Bockstael Construction Ltd.

Our Contribution: Outdoor perforated fence panels & unit signage. 

Sub Category: Fencing Perforated Imaged Panels The Village