Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park Experiential Signage

The Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park by HTFC Planning and Design is awarded the Jury’s Award of Excellence by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) - March 12, 2018


Category: Experiential Signage

Photography: Lindsay Reid

Landscape Architects Client: HTFC Planning & Design

Experiential Signage: StateCraft Architectural Fabricators

Contractor: Westland Contructions Ltd

Heritage Wall: Cohlmeyer Architects, Pattern Interactive

The Upper fort Garry located between the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Winnipeg Canada become an established fur trade post in 1822. To aid client HTFC Planning and design for the Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park project, StateCraft created experiential signage. Like many contributors to the project, we were dedicated to revitalizing the historical significance this space held.

StateCraft contributes to this project a couple large scale experiential signage. The materials of Corten and stainless steel provide a contrast that lures the viewer to observe the finer details. The techniques of laser etching and waterjet cutting fine letters into a 1’4” Corten material summarize the historical overview. The variety of metal 3D inserts, stainless steel inlays, and negative space allows for depth to the project, showcasing the attention to detail our staff incorporates with precision.

Today, this site offers a new vision from heritage eagerly told by the landscape architects. A multi-faceted interpretation of many voices that uses contemporary material and media to reflect a story while simultaneously inviting participation and finds new meaning in the complexities of history.