URBAN SQUARE - 230 Good Street

Project Name: URBAN SQUARE

Project Location: 230 Good Street, Winnipeg, MB

Project Description: For this project, StateCraft Architectural Fabricators undertook the fabrication and installation of aluminum trellises along the top floor of the entire building. This new development, strategically located near downtown and in close proximity to various amenities, showcases our expertise in creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing architectural elements.

Category: Balcony, Canopy, and Railing

Owner/General Contractor: IronClad Developments

Scope of our work: Design, Engineering, Assembly, Collaboration with the General Contractor (GC) and Engineer of Record (EOR) to ensure a precise and secure installation

Benefits of StateCraft Aluminum Trellises and Canopies: 

StateCraft's aluminum trellises and canopies stand out for their exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance, making them ideal for intricate designs. They are also highly adaptable, seamlessly integrating with various styles. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, boasting a prolonged lifespan that guarantees a solid return on investment. This project serves as a testament to our commitment to top-notch quality, innovation, and sustainability in architectural fabrication.

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