Women's Hospital

Project: HSC Women’s Hospital 
Client: Architecture49
Our Contribution: Waterjet-cut, roll, weld, powder-coat

StateCraft led a joint effort to bring hardscaping to the HSC Women's Hospital, constructing jelly bean planters to bring forth a sleek aesthetic in collaboration with our colleagues at Architecture49.

Standing in Winnipeg, Canada and completed in November 2019, we led a joint effort to fabricate the jelly bean planters. Starting with the concept drawings of our collaborators at Architecture49, the talented StateCraft team developed a two-pronged approach to bring the design to life. Our techical staff first devised a method to scale the manufacturing of precisely rolled but variably sized steel I-beams.

We then created an internal clamping system for connecting the over 100 ft. planter segment together, as always, keeping safety and quality as a foremost goal in our fabrications. In total, we produced 6 planters varying in size from 100 to 250 sq. ft., showcased at the hospital's front entrance and fourth floor mezzanine. Each uniquely shaped and substantially sized planter was constructed from 10-20 individual powder coated pieces, ensuring each final product achieved our signature quality and precision fit.  

Photography: CLICK.STUDIO by Lindsay Reid