THE ZÜ Apartment Buildings Prefab Balconies

Project: THE ZÜ Apartment Buildings

Client: Pre-Con Construction
Architect: BLDG Architecture Office Inc.
Engineering Consultant: Lavergne Draward & Associates Inc.

THE ZÜ Apartments in Winnipeg, Canada, feature 117 walk-out balconies and 87 Juliette balconies. The walk-out balconies are crafted with a galvanized steel frame and high-quality 2-sided composite deck boards inset within the frame. Enhancing the sleek, modern look are custom powder-coated, flush-mount aluminum picket railings.

These balconies were prefabricated in our shop and delivered to the site ready for installation. This approach allowed the installation to be completed in a fraction of the time required for traditional on-site balcony construction. Additionally, this method minimized disruptions to other trades and operations on the busy construction site, ensuring a smoother workflow and quicker project completion.

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